Moose Woods Home Fire Grill

Bold flavours inspired by local heritage & culinary traditions

We invite you to gather and savour flavours rooted in culture and pride. Located inside the Dakota Dunes Resort, the Moose Woods Home Fire Grill has a rich farm-to-table menu featuring the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and finest cuts of meat grilled to absolute perfection.

With every detail thoughtfully designed to reflect the rich heritage of the Dakota Territory, you will feel the spiritual connection to the beauty of the wild prairie lands shared by the First Nations people. Revel in a warm and intimate ambiance complemented by stone double-sided fireplaces, breathtaking scenic views of the natural landscape, and impeccable service paired with unforgettable dishes.

The onsite restaurant and bar has a large outdoor terrace, signature dishes, a wine list, desserts, local and organic products, and a variety of seating options, including booths, bar seating, lounge seating, and private dining areas. Whether you’re dining with family, out for a weekend adventure, or getting away to gather with the team, the Moose Woods Home Fire Grill offers an indigenous culinary destination unlike any other.